a broken heart

I sit here on this Valentine’s Day with a broken heart.


I’m sure there are many other people around the US and possibly the world in the same condition due to this silly holiday that is really only worth celebrating if you have somebody to celebrate with.

While yes I am single I am not however broken hearted for anything to do with Valentine’s day.

Tonight we were singing a worship song in which there is a line, “Break my heart for what breaks yours.”

This is a dangerous statement

There are so many things in this world that break the heart of our Creator and what does it look like to even attempt to take on this same hurt.

There is poverty and disease. There is injustice and persecution. There is abuse and neglect.  There are too many things to even list them all here.

There is also slavery

Today is Valentine’s Day but today is also Freedom Sunday.

What is freedom Sunday you may ask? Freedom Sunday is a day devoted to bringing awareness and ultimately an end to modern day slavery.

We live in the 21st century how is there still slavery?

There is, and it is very real.

Here are some stats (most of which are from http://www.dosomething.org)

There are 27 million people living in slavery

– that is more than in any other time in history.  That is almost 6 times more than all slaves in American history.

Modern slavery can come in the form of forced labor or the sex industry.

Of the 27 million people, 80% of them are in the sex industry.

That is roughly 21.6 million people enslaved in the sex industry

Of this 21.6 million, 50% are under the age of 18.  That is 10.8 million children


This is why I sit here with a broken heart.


We later sang, “So let go my soul and trust in Him, the waves and wind still know His name…It is well with my soul.”  How can I possibly sing this and mean it?  How can I sit here and say, “it is well with my soul” after learning the disturbing truth that is happening every day.

Our final song answers that question – “God I look to you.  I won’t be overwhelmed.  Give me wisdom to see things like you do…Hallelujah our God reigns”

Yes, God is broken hearted for those suffering in this world.  However, he is the King and he is sovereign and is in control.  However, that doesn’t mean we have to sit back and watch.

William Wilberforce, an English politician devoted to abolishing slavery in his country said before the House of Parliament

Having heard all this, you may choose to look the other way but you can never again say that you did not know.

We have been made aware of this heartbreaking reality.  It is up to us to do something.  Whether that is joining together the church to pray or giving to organizations fighting against modern slavery or going – the choice is ours.

One organization that is doing all these things is Love146.

I pray that I do more than sit here with a broken heart.





Songs mentioned: “Hosanna” Hillsong United; “It Is Well” Bethel Music; “God I Look to You” Bethel Music



4 thoughts on “a broken heart

  1. Hi Jenny, This is a matter close to my heart as well. It is heart breaking to know and see children in sexual slavery. Thank you for your post, and that God has given you an understanding and wisdom of the evil, wrong doing in this world. With God’s strength and help, and wisdom we can DO something.

    I shared a song with a prayer partner this morning in church by Matthew West. You might have heard it before, “Do Something”. Listen to the words, we can make a difference; and you are!

    Praying for you and Mercy Shippers. Love, Sue

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