Mercy Ships is…

Mercy Ships is community

Community is a place…

Where a box of cereal is left outside your door because your friends know that is the way to your heart

When somebody is having a birthday you can crash without anybody looking at you strange

You can end up taking a day trip with a group of people you have never met and have the time of your life

When you start watching a movie with 4 people you may end it with 24

You can post a desperate plea for a needed item on facebook and have the item by the end of the day

Community is a place where at any given time you can walk down the hall and hang out with somebody who is a nurse or a teacher or a writer or a student or a receptionist or an engineer or a cook or any job you can possibly think of.  Community is a place that everybody plays a part  – no matter how small or big you may feel – and with that I want to thank each one of my amazing lab techs who came to serve this past year in Madagascar


Claudia – I have to start with you.  You believed in me enough to give your job to me.  You stuck around through months of delays so I would have at least a few weeks, or more like days, overlap when the hospital finally opened.  You patiently showed me spreadsheets and documents I didn’t understand that would later save me so many times.


Kathy – you came when the ship was still in South Africa and we were assigned to the same dining room team.  You understood my “jam hands” comment and we bonded over our inability to pour sauce from one pan into another without making a mess.  You helped me set up the lab and transition into this role.  You were so patient with me as I figured out what the heck I was doing.  You let me draw my first blood unit off your arm and brought award winning Olaf to the lab (who by the way is still up on the wall).

Laura – I had just two weeks to train you and hand you the pager before you were no longer the new tech.  You were gracious and took on the challenge and then helped train Lise.  We could talk about movies and TV shows and your future and what that was going to look like and what surprises were going to befall you while here in Madagascar.


Lise- I wouldn’t trade our time together for anything.  To be honest, there were times in the beginning I doubted that you’d ever be ready to carry the pager but in the 5 months that you were on the ship I saw you transform into not only a capable, confident tech but also a capable, confident woman of God and I am so thankful that I got to be part of this journey.  Your joy was contagious and the sheer fun you brought to the lab will not be easily replaced.

Leah – you brought so much pleasure, laughter and life to the lab.  You held down the fort and did all of the rest of our work and all 20 something crosshatches for Sambany (ready the account here) during those crazy days.  You had confidence and encouragement for me at just the right time and I don’t think you will know the impact that has had.


Amie – you came to fill in that final hole in the schedule.  You were patient with me in the midst of total chaos when you first arrived and still at the end when all the work disappeared.  You had a great attitude through all the extremes of this place.

Photo Credit Kayla Hess

Photo Credit Kayla Hess

Thania – You sought out the ship to come and gain experience but you brought so much with you already.  You came at a time when the lab was so busy we barely had enough hours in the day to finish the work.  You lightened this burden to make life possible.

Photo Credit Justine Forrest

Photo Credit Justine Forrest

I thank the Lord for all of you and how you each played a part in this past field service.  You each touched my life in so many ways and I learned so much from you.

Thank you




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