It’s not all kicks and giggles….

It’s not all kicks and giggles….

I miss sitting up in my bed.
I miss personal space
I miss crisp fall evenings
I miss soccer
I miss the first snow
I miss sappy Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel and the 25 days of Christmas on abc family.
I miss pumpkin muffins from Dunkin and eating them at the beach with mom
I miss Fort Foster
I miss my best friends
I miss my church
I miss peppermint milk shakes from Chick-fil-A
I miss sleeping with open windows
I miss fall
I miss winter
I miss seasons
I miss my family….this list is in no particular order
I miss windows in the lab
I miss having an LIS system even if it is meditech
I miss my coworkers
I miss Holidays Around the World at EPCOT

Yes I’m thankful to be here and yes I know one hundred percent this is where the Lord has called me and yes I love my family here but it’s not all kicks and giggles. Some days are hard. Some days are really hard. Some days are so hard I’m ready to jump off, fight the bull sharks and swim to shore while an hour later I’ve never been happier to live on board this crazy messed up ship. #shiplife
There are such extreme emotions on this ship and such extreme swings it is like nothing else I have ever experienced.  Please don’t think I’m sad here or would rather be home. Yes I miss all those things listed above but I wouldn’t trade being here for anything.

Thanks for sticking with me.




One thought on “It’s not all kicks and giggles….

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I am missing some (certainly not all) of these things from SC. Particularly ABCFam, Epcot (though I’ve never been there during winter), and MediTech. Weird, I know. And I miss you!

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