Boston Strong in Red Sox Nation

It has been hard the past few days not being home.  I had to “watch” the game pitch-by-pitch on my phone in the middle of the night and frolic around a nearly deserted common area at 430 in the morning in joyous celebration when Koji pitched the final strike.  Today I tried to watch the live stream of the parade but knew the internet was not nearly fast enough to even consider it.  I can’t lie, I have been a little homesick.

 I thought it was hard in 2007 when I was in South Carolina.  I relentlessly forced my roommate to watch all the games with me then sought out anyone I knew from New England after the Sox won but at least I was in the same time zone and at least the games were on TV.  I was starting to feel a bit isolate here knowing of only one other person from New England in a crew of 400.  But it turns out this too is Red Sox Nation.

You may be wondering where Red Sox Nation stretches.  The answer – to all corners of the globe.  This summer when I was on a medical missions trip in Nicaragua the team bus driver was rocking the fitted B the whole week.  When my brother Bill climbed Mt Fuji this summer he met a Red Sox fan up on the summit and for my birthday my brother Dan sent me a handmade Red Sox coaster he bought in the Middle East on his deployment.  Then Wednesday afternoon, game day, I saw one of the Congolese caregivers representing with the classic Red Sox hat.  Maine, Massachusetts, Nicaragua, Japan, the Congo, as far as people have reached – there is Red Sox Nation!

Join together Red Sox Nation and celebrate an amazing team an amazing season and an amazing city.








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