Monday Mercy Magic

I woke up this morning thinking that Monday mornings wouldn’t be quite so hard on Mercy Ships.  I thought when that alarm went off at 6:27 (I can’t sent my alarm for normal times) that I would magically spring out of bed ready for the day and the week ahead.  I wouldn’t be able to get to the lab fast enough and start my days work.

Well sadly, Monday mornings are Monday mornings whether I am in Maine or South Carolina or Central Africa.  It was still just as hard to drag myself out of bed, try and be polite at breakfast and prepare myself for the day.  The one thing that truly does make it a little bit easier is the fact that the work we get to do every day is changing lives.  I praise and thank Jesus for this amazing opportunity that He has giving me.

Later on He blessed me once more with a beautiful sunset.  I’ve heard it has been overcast here almost every day since the ship arrived in August.  Tthe last two evenings have been sunny and

our heavenly Creator showed us all some of His beauty. Image


I have watched the sun rise over the Atlantic countless times and only imagined what it would be like to finally see it set over that same body of water.  I used to sit at the beach at home praying and asking for patience for the day I would get to server the Lord here in Africa. 

Well God is faithful and here I am and this is what gets me out of bed in the morning! 



2 thoughts on “Monday Mercy Magic

  1. Good to hear from you, Jenny!! It will be good to know how you are doing!! Thank you for your work there!!

    Love, Lane

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Happy to hear you are enjoying the sunsets and helping people.
    We still have that 22.5 hr position if you want it. I hope you do cause we miss you!!

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