Swings….There are swings on board!!Image


 This wonderful set of swings is in the “playground” of the academy – yes there is also an academy but I knew that coming into this. Of course there are and I have never been more excited to see something in my life.  I first saw them on the tour (which took two hours, luckily it wasn’t a three hour tour or I would have been a bit suspicious) of the ship.  I asked if they were just for the children and everyone laughed.  Little did they know I was being completely serious.  

In life the places I do the best thinking, the best praying and sometimes best crying are in the shower and sailing high into the sky on a nice set of swings.  When I was introduced to the “ship shower” a speedy two minute shower to conserve water I realized that the shower was no longer an option for any of these things.  But behold, deck 7 holds my relief.

Although I would crack my skull open on the metal above if I were to try and swing to the clouds I can still pull away at night when I need some quite time and pray about my day.  I Thank God for the little gifts and blessings he gives us.  


2 thoughts on “SWINGS!!!!

  1. Bin yourJenny, I enjoy reading your blogs, please keep it up. Little do you know , you brighten my day . Reading your monday blog has put a beautiful end to my very hectic monday. Which ended with me visiting a dear FRIEND IN THE CRITICAL CARDIAC CARE UNIT. PLEASE keep us in your prayers.

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