apples and pumpkins and frost oh my…

These are the things I will miss most about fall in New England:

apple picking, apple cider, apple pies, apple crisp, the smell of apples when they have fallen off the trees and have been run over my hundreds of cars, the last leaf, first frost, the first snow and so much more…

The leaves turning- I used to hate foliage. I thought the colors clash. I still sort of do. Green and orange just don’t look good together, especially against a blue sky but recently, perhaps because I know I will miss most of it, I have seen the beauty that so many others have tried to convince me of. The beauty that attracts hundreds of tourists and “leaf peepers” into my state.  Somehow these colors that have never belonged together mesh and mold into a breathtaking landscape.  Only our Creator could manage to pull off a color palate with green and orange against a blue background.

Thanksgiving- I’m going to miss thanksgiving.  This is my favorite major holiday not because of the turkey and the food and not because of the family. No, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of the parade.  Nothing quite says “be thankful” like a parade of high school marching bands and huge balloon characters.  Obviously that is just silly but for as long as I can remember, whenever I was home I would wake up early and watch the Macy’s Day Parade.  Perhaps they will feed us “Thanksgiving Dinner” here on the boat but it wont be the same with out Kermit flying over 5th ave and Santa waving to the children.

The Fair- There is nothing quite like eating a piece of fried dough covered in cinnamon and sugar while walking past a blue ribbon cow.  And the rides…Yes, the rides have been put together the night before and could very well toss you up 400 yards and into your local emergency room but flipping and spinning and twirling and doing it all again is one of the highlights.  There is the cotton candy and the caramel apples and the display of local art.

The Post Season- it has been a few years since Red Sox fans have been rewarded with an October. In 2011 I was so devastated by the September collapse I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the highly acclaimed and Oscar nominated “Moneyball.” In fact, I still haven’t seen it.  This season was fun.   It was fun to see John Farrell back, fun to see the team come together, fun to see unexpected players given a chance to shine and most of all, fun to see which player could grow the best beard (I’m a fan of Victorino personally) and which ones, mainly Nava, had too much of a baby face to even start one.  Oh yes, I will miss this most of all.




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